Hello dedicated readers and listeners, As I sit here, working on the last part of the third book of the Sinister series, "DOMINION: Darkness Ascendant," I'm reminded of the incredible journey we've been on together.   Thank you for your heartfelt messages about the SINISTER audiobook editions.  I've been receiving so many that I'm taking some [...]


“And, of course, with unvarnished truth there’s often controversy.  Whilst many willingly chose to be involved in this project there are others that would much rather their involvement, their actions remain undisclosed” Yes yes, the rumours are true!  Oh okay, maybe they aren’t rumours because I started them but my publishing schedule for 2015 has […]

My best friend, Judas, the train and the automobiles

My best friend, Judas, the train and the automobiles

Many of you will have been following my posts from the past year about my love affair with the Range Rover Evoque and my involvement in some of the original research that helped shape the car, its features, it’s marketing material and day experiences. Some of the eagle eyed, non gold fish syndromed among you […]

Controversial relationship manuscript to get a ‘dusting’

“The demons are those shadowy thoughts that lurk in the deep recesses of our minds. You know, the painful ones that loiter on the periphery of our consciousness just waiting for a song, place, smell or taste to order them to the fore and remind us just how much we miss someone.” Extract from COMING […]

The St Neots profile is an organisation? Call the Facebook police!

What a day! But normal service is slowly being restored.  The Facebook profile linked to this blog underwent a necessary transformation today from an ‘individual’ type profile to a ‘place/organisation’ page in order to comply with Facebook terms and conditions. So what happened? I created the St Neots Facebook page a few years ago for […]

a Different Angle magazine makes online comeback!

Dubbed the small magazine (A5)  with a BIG mouth, a Different Angle wrote about everyday topics but, you’ve guessed it, from a different angle. At its peak, the magazine  boasted a circulation of 18,000 with an approximate  2,500 additional online e-edition  readers. Not bad for something that started out as an A4 grocery store newsletter!  […]

The Psycho Network; Facebook’s darker side

Okay, so it’s been a long day and I decide I’m going to crash out in front of the TV.  I browse the listings and come across a program called CATFISH; a documentary about some guy who meets his dream girl on Facebook. Set in the USA, this program is basic in its format but for […]

Making the most of the little things. Watch this video.

Every now and then I try to take a departure from my cynical, sarcastic,  capitalist ways and  try to find some inner bliss that enables me to appreciate those  things I have versus those that I do not.  I don’t necessarily mean material possessions but  more important things (yes more important) such as family and health. I […]

Casa Bella is open for business!

Finally, It’s taken a few months, a lot of hard work and a few pennies but, finally, Casa Bella is open for business. Figuratively speaking, of course. Since the last thing we’d want to do is run another business from this location. The furniture has arrived and is in place, the sign is up and gone is […]


Wow, it’s been a back breaking day. Tom and I have been working hard to finish laying the floor. You know, when the workers originally came to me and said, “this is a really big space,” I used to see it as a compliment. However, I’ve discovered throughout this process that big isn’t necessarily beautiful as it […]