My best friend, Judas, the train and the automobiles

My best friend, Judas, the train and the automobiles

Many of you will have been following my posts from the past year about my love affair with the Range Rover Evoque and my involvement in some of the original research that helped shape the car, its features, it’s marketing material and day experiences. Some of the eagle eyed, non gold fish syndromed among you […]

Ghosts, boats and beauty; the Range Rover Evoque

Ghosts, boats and beauty; the Range Rover Evoque

There are few events in our lives that generate great anticipation and, in comparison to weddings, birthdays and other major family events, my visit to the Southampton Boat Show next week  with Platinum VIP tickets, courtesy of Range Rover, may not appear as momentous but it certainly feels that way for me. My trip to the […]

At last! My invite to critique all new Range Rover Evoque

So, it’s been two or so years in the making (I’ve lost count) and, finally, after many non disclosure-shrouded meetings, I’m finally allowed to get in, drive and write a review on the new Range Rover Evoque. The car is due to hit showrooms next month. Yes, the date  of the 24th September 2011 has been […]

My hands on the NEW Range Rover Evoque but my lips are sealed

Finally, after years of waiting, hours blogging and multiple product meetings with Range Rover executives,  on the 11th day of the six month of the year two thousand eleven, I actually sat behind the wheel and started up the engine of a brand  NEW red Range Rover Evoque Dynamic, not due in showrooms until August 2011, […]

This week’s task; ‘build your ideal Range Rover Evoque’

Well, it’s just under 7 days before my visit to Range Rover HQ. Today, I received details of my pre assignment; build my ideal Range Rover Evoque and email the results to Range Rover before my visit next week.  Intriguing? that’s an under statement!  Either way, as instructed, I’ve just been online and built my […]

It’s here! My exclusive (and unexpected) invite to Range Rover HQ!

This week I received an exclusive and unexpected invite to Range Rover HQ in Warwickshire to get an up close and personal look at the all new Range Rover Evoque.  Hopefully, I’ll get to take this one for a spin! 🙂 Apparently,  Range Rover executives have ‘carefully selected’ me from a group of wannabe Evoquers […]

Range Rover Evoque brochure cold off the press!

You can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review the Range Rover Evoque’s brochure before it was released to the general public and my disappointment when I learned, a week later, after pretty much camping out next to my letter box that it was going to be late, by a whole month! Anyway, […]

My mission; Range Rover Evoque dealership inspection

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Range Rover UK telling me that I’d been specifically selected to visit a Range Rover dealership who had been ‘hand picked’ for me (I was expecting Cambridge but got Peterborough) I’m not sure what the criteria was for that but nonetheless I (and a friend) were […]

My day as an official Range Rover secret shopper

My day as an official Range Rover secret shopper

Given the remit, it would be easy to automatically equate ‘observe and report’ to ‘observe and criticize’ which in turn translates to “be picky’ rather than accept things at face value. But I was determined to remain objective.    Our (my friend and I) first impression of the location (Luton Hoo) was ‘grand’. What we classed […]

Range Rover’s secret shopper has been appointed!

So how many times in life have you become involved in something and believed it’d come to nothing? I bet there are many times, right? Well, I didn’t feel that way when I was invited to become a Range Rover Community member, and my instinct was right! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been regularly […]