Whether you’re into supernatural thrillers, such as Tony’s #1 BESTSELLING SERIES, HAUNTED, action adventures, or non-fiction, there’s a Tony Marturano book for everyone.  Available as Kindle, Paperback or Audiobooks from Amazon and Audible.

The SINISTER series


Supernatural Horror.  Sophie Cooper is just an ordinary lady living an ordinary life. But all that is about to change, in a horrifying way.  

Book cover for Malefic Tony Marturano

Supernatural Horror. Sophie Cooper has made her choice
but nothing can prepare her for what happens next. 

The HAUNTED Series

Book 1 of ghost story haunted series

Amazon No1 Bestseller

A disgraced therapist believes that his arrival in a picturesque fishing village may prove to be his salvation but is in fact the beginning of a living nightmare.  Packed with killer twists. 


Amazon No1 Bestseller

Marco Battista is joined by his wife at Dolce Vita. The plan is simple, Move-in, renovate and get the house sold before deep winter.  But first, they’ll need to survive the terror inside.


Amazon No1 Bestseller

It’s been a year since the events at Porthcove. Marco, his girlfriend, Sarah and dog, Buddy, are looking to start anew. But fate has altogether more horrifying plans.  

Other Books by Tony Marturano


Amazon No1 Bestseller
Supernatural Thriller.  If you think you’ve heard this story before. think again. Something awaits them at Kenning Hall. Something vengeful, malevolent, and it will follow them home.


Action Horror.  There’s something in the rain, and it wants the dark in you to come out. A pathologist and an environment officer must battle for survival against the greatest force on Earth; nature.  “It’s Twister meets X-Files!”

CUFA Standing 1500px

True Stories, about you. Tony Marturano’s masterpiece reads like a novel, but is 100% non-fiction.  Featuring a series of sensational relationships stories, including his own,  Coming Up for Air is the book we can ALL relate to. 

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