Range Rover Evoque brochure cold off the press!

You can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review the Range Rover Evoque’s brochure before it was released to the general public and my disappointment when I learned, a week later, after pretty much camping out next to my letter box that it was going to be late, by a whole month!

Anyway, it has finally arrived  and my initial impression is that it isn’t perhaps as ‘glossy’ as I’d expected it to be and a bit thin on the ground for potential buyers (such as me). It contains a lot of  ‘marketing’ detail but fails to hit the actual nitty gritty that most car buyers would be interested in.

Nonetheless, it feels good to finally hold some ‘marketing’ material about the car. This is way overdue and, of course, I’ve let my friends at Range Rover know that although, technically speaking, they are actually my employers since I’m getting paid to talk about this stuff.

Wow,  and I didn’t feel a thing!

Anyway, for anybody who may be bored enough to want to cast their own eye of this publication. I’ve included a link below.



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  1. Wow,, That is awesome!!

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