a Different Angle magazine makes online comeback!

Dubbed the small magazine (A5)  with a BIG mouth, a Different Angle wrote about everyday topics but, you’ve guessed it, from a different angle. At its peak, the magazine  boasted a circulation of 18,000 with an approximate  2,500 additional online e-edition  readers. Not bad for something that started out as an A4 grocery store newsletter! 

a Different Angle was  my  take on topical local, national and international news articles. Others reported the news, I actually commented on it, as most do when we read or watch a news segment or program.  I decided to write about it, and this proved to be very popular, even more so because the articles were sometimes, albeit mildly, controversial; a Different Angle often said what many were thinking.

However, the magazine was expensive to produce and was self funded (through advertising) which meant that when it didn’t meet its quota, I’d have to raid the piggy bank to cover printing and distribution costs. Needless to say,  this all became too much once the recession bit and, after seven editions over two years, a Different Angle ceased publication…

Until now!  With the advent of social mediums, such as Facebook, Twitter, etcetera and the ability to interface these with an official blog, all of which are easily available from most mobile devices, it’s the perfect time for the small magazine with a BIG mouth to enjoy a revival, albeit in electronic format.

So, to get everybody reacquainted with this well loved periodical, I’ll be serialising  some of its most popular articles/excepts (popular by the amount of emails received. The December 2008 cover received an unprecedented amount of emails. Bet you can’t guess why!).

I’ll also be introducing some new articles with the view to picking up where we left off.

So, strap yourself in. ‘It’s going to be a bumpy ride'”!

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