Wow, it’s been a back breaking day.

Note the pesky chest of drawers!

Tom and I have been working hard to finish laying the floor.

You know, when the workers originally came to me and said, “this is a really big space,” I used to see it as a compliment. However, I’ve discovered throughout this process that big isn’t necessarily beautiful as it means more work and cost! Now nudging a whopping £6,000 from the original £2,000.

Ho hum, I’m really proud of what Tom and I have achieved over the past two days but at the same time, I’m ready for this process to be over.

You’ll note the controversial chest of drawers, featured in the previous post, are making a special appearance as the tea/sandwich stand.

In an almost biblical way, the sun decided to shine down on Tom’s hard work and light the final picture featured on the left. Spooky huh? Okay, maybe not.

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