Happy Valentine’s Day….. or Not?

Casa Bella’s Devil’s Dinner Party 2; the gifts and the curses

Casa Bella’s Devil’s Dinner Party 2; the gifts and the curses

So, here I am, a couple of days after the night before and what a night! I think I can safely say that Casa Bella’s Devil’s Dinner Party 2 turned out to be one of the ‘wildest’ dinner parties yet! I dare say that much of that was not helped by the introduction of a relatively new […]

Get paid for suggesting a winning company name!

Are you a visionary? A creative person? Or simply an ideas person? Well, if you’re any of those, I know a company that might be interested in hearing from you.   The company is looking to expand and is on the hunt for the ideal name with which to brand its new division, oh and […]

Facebook Page Change

Hello all, Well, as posted before I went ‘off air’ today I had to change my ‘individual’ page on Facebook for St Neots to that of a business or organisation. It’s a long story that I’ll be sure to share with you. The migration is supposed to move everything over but, of course, hasn’t gone […]

The Psycho Network; Facebook’s darker side

Okay, so it’s been a long day and I decide I’m going to crash out in front of the TV.  I browse the listings and come across a program called CATFISH; a documentary about some guy who meets his dream girl on Facebook. Set in the USA, this program is basic in its format but for […]

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Take a few seconds (or minutes) to consider that. Well? To help you in your contemplation, I’ve included a link to a recently released video from the New Scientist.  Watch and weep at the beauty of it all. If you have headphones, plug them in and turn up the volume (after the commercial that precedes it!) Enjoy […]