Let there be light

Aha! The moment I’ve been waiting for… out with the old window and in with the new.  Trusty Matthew (recommended by Andy) is taking care of this facet of the project. He’s replaced the patio doors and two of the windows.  The procedure went extremely well, didn’t take long at all and, I’m sure you’ll […]

Frankenstein is born

Okay, so the walls are in a worse state than I’d originally thought; huge  cavities have appeared from  behind the shelving and many places that didn’t seem as bad are actually vomiting chunks of plaster on contact.  The whole room needs re-plastering, and it’s a big room!   So,  I decided to sit down and map […]

Long Live Casa Bella!

I know I have  vision for the store but the question is, how am I going to get there and how much is it going to cost me?  Well, no more than £2,000 which means doing a lot the work myself, oh and drafting in good friends and bribing them with lots of cups and […]

When does a shop become a dining room?

When does a shop become a dining room?

Okay, so the store closed its doors (or door) in June 2010 and the question was, how did I feel about that? Well, relieved! It meant no early starts for the family; my sister up at 05:00 to prepare the paper rounds for the delivery boys,  my brother in law who’d have to come back […]

The Village Store is dead, now what?

When I moved into my new home six years ago, I inherited a grocery store. By inherited, I mean the place was attached to my home!  So, if you’d asked me (or anybody I know) a few years earlier if I would be interested in playing postmaster and shopkeeping, you would have been laughed at. Despite this, […]