Casa Bella’s Halloween is a monster success!

Casa Bella’s Halloween is a monster success!

It’s the day after the night before… and what a night! After more than 3 months of planning, Casa Bella’s Halloween took place last night, and I have to say that when I set about designing the concept, I couldn’t have wished for such a successful conclusion to the evening.  Success being judged by the […]

Casa Bella’s Halloween; the nightmare before Christmas

So, it’s the day before Casa Bella’s Halloween but it feels oddly like the night before Christmas! Although, I guess a more apt depiction would be, the day before the show; finally, after more than 3 months in the making (or rehearsal), Casa Bella’s Halloween is here,  and what an event it will be. Who […]

Dark skies are upon us as preparations commence

So, it looks like I’m not the only one who’s running  around trying to fit the last pieces of the puzzle (otherwise known as concept) into place.  Casa Bella’s Halloween is just 20 days away, and the 31st October just a couple of days after that. The clocks will be changing soon which means the […]

Ghosts, boats and beauty; the Range Rover Evoque

Ghosts, boats and beauty; the Range Rover Evoque

There are few events in our lives that generate great anticipation and, in comparison to weddings, birthdays and other major family events, my visit to the Southampton Boat Show next week  with Platinum VIP tickets, courtesy of Range Rover, may not appear as momentous but it certainly feels that way for me. My trip to the […]

Casa Bella’s Come Dine With Us…. have you got what it takes?

Casa Bella recently announced that its next major event will take place this Halloween 2011. But 3 months seems so far away, doesn’t it? Well, it’s only 12 weeks but still, when it comes to having fun,  next week isn’t soon enough. So we’ve thought about that, we’ve also been thinking about the numerous comments […]

Casa Bella announces Halloween 2011 spooktacular! but that’s not all….

That’s right, the 29th October 2011 has been announced as the provisional date for Casa Bella’s next major event.  We toyed with multiple ideas and themes and came up with a few that we believed would work very well but there’s only so much time. The ideas will keep.  We figured that  Halloween, at least in […]

Tears, Tantrums & Trophies; Casa Bella’s HOIME Awards are a revelation

Okay, so maybe there weren’t  any tantrums, not unless you count the incident where it was 19:29 (with official start at 19:30 and some guests already waiting) and I discovered that the gate through which they were supposed to enter to walk  the red carpet was SCREWED shut and not ‘cable tied’ as I had believed! […]

Less than 9 days until Casa Bella’s HOIME awards. The heat is on!

Ready or not, the countdown to Casa Bella’s  2011  HOIME Awards  continues and if I still had my lovely locks of black hair,  I’d surely be starting the plucking process by now! Okay maybe not but Casa Bella’s HOIME Awards ‘a la Oscars’ has got to be right up there with one of  the most glamorous, if not […]

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