Casa Bella’s Come Dine With Us…. have you got what it takes?

Casa Bella recently announced that its next major event will take place this Halloween 2011.

But 3 months seems so far away, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s only 12 weeks but still, when it comes to having fun,  next week isn’t soon enough. So we’ve thought about that, we’ve also been thinking about the numerous comments made by Casa Bella guests over the past year about return invites, and we’ve come up with what we believe is an ingenious solution; Casa Bella’s own Come Dine with Us.

The event will prove to be a fun packed bridge between now and our thrilling event in October 2011.

The concept is simple:

  • 1 limousine
  • 1 course
  • 1 prize
  • Limited time (to impress)
  • Multiple locations!

That’s right…. here’s your chance to show us what a perfect host you can be but you’ll have to think creative; you’ll have a limited amount of time to feed, charm and solicit your guests’ votes to enable you to win the prize before everybody will need to climb back into the limousine and onto the next location.


Yes, I can already hear the screaming and the questions:

“What if I can’t cook?” 

You don’t have to be Michel Roux to win this challenge. You can prepare anything you believe is appropriate…from ornate jam sandwiches to luxurious canapés.  There’s no specific budget or rule.  You just need to be minded by the fact that your guests will be enjoying multiple courses throughout the evening. You’ll most likely be assigned a specific course (e.g. starter) so you just need to worry about portion control, presentation and taste!

“What if my home isn’t large enough to accommodate everyone?”

No problem. That’s what the limousine is for. Subject to time restrictions, you can host your event anywhere you see fit; from your back garden to the local park. The choice is yours. Whatever you believe will make the perfect surrounding to serve up your tasty morsels. But remember, the comfort of your guests is of paramount importance in order to secure their vote.  (Each destination will be a closely guarded secret between you and our driver).

What if I don’t live locally?

Well, we wouldn’t want you miss out on this exciting challenge. You can either make arrangements with any local venue (e.g. pub) or we’ll gladly loan you the kitchen facilities at Casa Bella (some terms and conditions will apply).

The evening will culminate at Casa Bella where we’ll be serving coffee, chocolates and the winning results!

To opt in, simply click here to send an email confirming your name and any dates over the next two months when you are not available.

We’ll confirm competition date and important details once all contestants have been confirmed.

In the meantime, you can read more about Casa Bella’s Halloween by clicking here.

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