Casa Bella announces Halloween 2011 spooktacular! but that’s not all….

That’s right, the 29th October 2011 has been announced as the provisional date for Casa Bella’s next major event. 

We toyed with multiple ideas and themes and came up with a few that we believed would work very well but there’s only so much time. The ideas will keep.  We figured that  Halloween, at least in our household, tends to pass by fairly unnoticed. We’ve vowed to change that this year.  The next three months will be used to craft a memorable and truly spooktacular experience, Casa Bella style.  Previous guests will know that this means a night that is truly out of the  ordinary, something that at this event is particularly appropriate. 😉

As always, spaces are limited and we do have a waiting list to consider.  However, we’re looking at a  format for this event that may enable us to accommodate more guests but it’s still very early  days and plans are yet to be solidified.  Whatever format is decided, guests, YOU WILL SCREAM. Expect the unexpected.

Like all Casa Bella events, they are designed for friends/acquaintances  which means attendance is by exclusive invitation only.

The trick on this occasion is to receive one of the email invites whilst the treat is definitely to attend.  The question is…. Dare you receive an invite?

If you’re unlucky enough not to receive an invite on this occasion or simply can’t wait until October, Casa Bella is about to organise another event to bridge the gap.

Click here to find out more about Casa Bella’s Come Dine with Us. Have you got what it takes?

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