Dark skies are upon us as preparations commence

So, it looks like I’m not the only one who’s running  around trying to fit the last pieces of the puzzle (otherwise known as concept) into place.  Casa Bella’s Halloween is just 20 days away, and the 31st October just a couple of days after that. The clocks will be changing soon which means the ‘dark side’ of the year is truly upon us. 

Some will be forgiven for thinking that I may be starting preparations a bit early but, when it comes to me, I’m the equivelent of your average supermarket with Christmas merchandise; start preparing months in advance.  Although in my case, as my sister can vouch, I’m known for changing my mind days if not on the day before the event! And I can’t afford to be in that situation this time otherwise the whole ambience will be affected. I’m sorry I can’t say more about it now for there’s a danger that our eagle eyed guests will ‘guess’ what we have in store for them.  😉

I spent most of the day yesterday, shopping for ‘last minute’ things and, as always, I’m already way over the self imposed budget! Well, there’s just so much ‘stuff’ out there. What’s a man to do?   I’m sure our distinguished guests will appreciate it.  I’ve further discovered that I’m soon to be reacquainted with my old friend Mr Sellotape. I thought he wouldn’t be invited to this gathering but it appears he’s going to be featuring heavily, at least behind the scenes.  And we all know how that ended up at the HOIME Awards in June!

Today is food day. No, by that I don’t mean usual Sunday lunch, I mean bake and taste sessions. That’s right,  we’re forgoing our traditional Sunday luncheon to instead sample from Casa Bella’s Halloween menu.  Well, one has to ensure it’s appropriate after all.  😉

My costume arrived this week… well, the first one did and I looked like a female extra from Star Trek. Needless to say, it was rapidly discarded in favour of something much more sophisticated, and I’m thrilled! Let’s just hope I can master the art of makeup application, extreme makeover style!  (enough said on that).

Anyway, for me, not unlike many other souls out there, life is busy. In particular, the last few months of 2011 are to prove the most trying, as there is much happening that I’m actually bound by law from discussing.  Needless to say that days and evenings are packed and when they aren’t, sleep is a welcome reaper.

This all means that my posts may not be as frequent as I like but things will change in the new year  where I’m determined to return to writing  which means that blog updates will also become more frequent.

Until then, don’t miss next week’s post about the true origins of Halloween.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Getting really exciting now…I’m so looking forward to experiencing the whole evening & finding out what everyone’s been putting together. It’s gonna be SO cool! :O) xxx

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