So you want to be a stock photography model?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Tony Marturano is a major contributor to most stock photography websites.  And while Tony likes to forge working partnerships with his models ( he regularly works with the same models), he is always looking for the next new face to photograph and introduce to the world.

Tony tends to work mainly with male models as there are many great photographers photographing women and that it’s a fairly saturated facet of the industry.

So… will you be his next new face? Find out below.

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is a collection of high-resolution images depicting all aspects of life, similar to the images below,  that are often licensed for specific usage. E.g. on websites, in magazines, book covers, billboards and so on.  The cost to the user (or downloader) is subject to the size of the image purchased and what subscription they have if any.

Seascapes & Landscapes

Business & Lifestyle



Why stock photography?


As flexible as your portfolio. Work as much or as little as your schedule will allow.  Accept assignments on weekdays, at weekends or both.


If you don’t have a portfolio or it is limited, stock photography is a great way of expanding your versatility and increasing your chances of being hired for other assignments.


Tony isn’t just a photographer.  He is also a mentor. If you are new to the business, expect honest, constructive feedback to help you be the best you can be.


Work by the hour, per day or, subject to your versatility, secure an exclusive agreement for multiple shoots in one campaign for maximum earning potential.


Pay is subject to experience, but you can expect to earn anywhere between £20 – £45 per hour.  However, offers are made on an individual basis and are only occasionally plus expenses.


Well, there are a few things that you need to consider and a few steps that you need to take before you’ll stand a chance of being hired.  But before we can move you onto that stage, we need to know what you look like!

Fill in the short form below, upload a picture and click submit.

Things to consider when sending us a picture:


  1. We need to see your face
  2. We need to see your hair
  3. We need to see your beard/stubble (if you have any)
  4. We need to see your body. E.g. physical fitness (as this will affect your versatility)

If it is easier for you to enter a social media page (e.g. Instagram) then please enter your handle in the box provided below.


Please know that due to the number of applications we receive, we will only contact you if we’re interested in progressing you to the next stage of the selection process. If we don’t contact you, please don’t be disheartened. There are many reasons why you may not be suitable to work with Tony. E.g. we may well already have a selection of models who look like you.

Best of luck!

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From the Portfolio


You can view much of Tony’s work on stock photography sites from around the world but there’s also a good selection on the photography page of this website. Click the button to view more.

From the Blog


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