DOMINION: The Third Book in the Sinister Series is Officially Happening!

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"Your enthusiasm has spoken volumes"

I know there’s been a lot of speculation and uncertainty about whether I would be returning to the HAUNTED series this year or if Sofia’s terrifying story would even progress beyond Malefic.

So, I’m here just a day after the official release of book 2 of the SINISTER series to share some exciting news with you!

It turns out that (at the time of writing this) Sinister has just reached the number 1 spot on Amazon.  And Malefic now holds the record for one of my most preordered titles, ever. In fact, an Amazon representative recently told me that preorders for the book were well above average for the genre.  Sadly, preorders don’t tend to count towards ranking, yet still, Malefic (which was already showing as a ‘hot new release’ thanks to your preorders) it set to follow Sinister to the number one slot also.

Malefic Hot New Release


Your enthusiasm has spoken volumes, and it’s clear that you’re eager for a third book in the SINISTER series. 

So, I’m delighted to announce that book 3 IS happening, and it will be called DOMINION: DARKNESS ASCENDANT!

"Dominion is out HALLOWEEN 2023. The Kindle edition is available for preorder now."

Dominion is currently set for release this Halloween 2023 and will delve into what drove Sofia to commit the unspeakable, as well as the consequences of her actions. Expect some major revelations, such as the truth about what really happened to Sofia’s mother, and much more.

One thing is certain – this time, it’s personal!

Stay tuned for a making-of interview that’s set to be released in the next few weeks. 

As always, thank you so much for all your support. 

I best sign off now – it seems I already have a new deadline!

Wishing you all the best,


Book cover for Malefic Tony Marturano

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