“Meet J.K. Franko and yours truly at a spectacular book launch event in London’s Covent Garden.”

So, this is where I normally start by making some quip about you not hearing from me in a while, but I’ll save you that. you’ve heard all the excuses reasons.

Don’t worry. I haven’t been lying around with my feet up. Far from it. I’ve become heavily involved in the launch of J.K. Franko’s Talion series of books. Starting with  EYE for EYE on April 6th 2019.

Eye for Eye is a  shocking new thriller about an ordinary couple who take drastic measures when faced with an extraordinary situation. After all, if someone hurt the one you love. What would YOU do?

47083128_342967682948927_4559508071361019904_nJ.K. is already being likened to authors such as LEE CHILD and JOHN GRISHAM.  So, if you love crime thrillers then you’re in for a treat!

Oh, and guess what…. if you’re in London’s Covent Garden on the 6th April 2019, you can get a taster for the story, meet J.K. Franko and, of course, yours truly at a spectacular book launch event, the likes of which has rarely, if ever, been seen before in London.  It’ll feature room scenes from the book, a performance of scenes from the book by top London actors and… well… I can’t really say much more as I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

I can tell you that they’ll be a camera crew filming a documentary on J.K. Franko, the performance and the evening.

So, if you want to join us for what promises to be a truly thrilling experience then CLICK HERE or tap the image header to read J.K.s blog post and to register, but hurry, SPACES ARE LIMITED AND BY REGISTRATION ONLY.

So what about Tony Marturano?

Some of you have asked what has become of my supernatural thriller, INCUBUS. Will it ever be finished? And what about my photography?

The answer to that is, of course! INCUBUS will be finished. The only thing is that, FB_IMG_1521758832595presently, based on my current commitment to J.K. projects, I’m unable to say exactly when that will be, but naturally will keep you informed.

As for the photography, I’m delighted to say that all of my themed ‘period’ photoshoots have proven very successful  on stock photography websites. (them, and the obvious semi-naked males – I can’t imagine why!)

And, as is custom this time of year, I’m back in one of my favourite parts of England, the Southwest coast. I’m here for the next month not just for a change of scenery but, all being well and stormy weather permitting,  I’ll also be on-location shooting a Jane Austen-themed photoshoot later this month.

With that, it’s back to planning for me.

See you in London next month!  😉

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