Sunday’s 25 Interesting Facts

  1. When the Titanic departed from port it carried 1000 loaves of bread, 86,000 pounds of meat, 40,000 eggs and 36,000 apples to feed the passengers and crew on the 7 day voyage. Interesting and amazing!
  2. For a butterfly to fly it must have a body temperature of no less than 86 degrees fahrenheit or 30 degrees celsius.
  3. The largest milk producing country by volume in the whole world is India.
  4. The average human with a full head of hair contains between 85,000 to 150,000 hairs.
  5. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Earth’s solar system.
  6.  The first bullet proof vest was invented by a women.
  7. Only humans cry because of feelings.
  8. Mohammed is the most common birth name in the world.  
  9. It takes about 7 minutes for the average person to fall asleep
  10. About 1 out of every 2 million people will die by falling out of bed.
  11. The construction on the Parisian Notre Dame Cathedral took over 150 years to complete. It was completed in 1345.
  12. If the human stomach doesn’t produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks it will totally digest it’s self.
  13. 75% of the world’s population wash themselves in the shower from the top to the bottom. Head first feet last.
  14. There are approximately 31,556,926 seconds in a year.
  15. One fifth of all the publications from Japan are comic books.
  16. Writing fast consumes one sixth of the calories consumed while walking at a regular speed.
  17. Four out of five people over 100 years old are women.
  18. There is only one metal which is liquid when it’s at room temperature and it’s mercury.
  19. When water freezes it expands by 10%.
  20. The only animal with four knees is the elephant.
  21. Birth control pills designed for humans will also work for a gorilla.
  22. A Toyota car is built in 13 hours and a Rolls Royce is built in 6 months.
  23. A mid-sized car launched today generates only 5% of the pollution which was generated by a car from fifty years ago.
  24. Stopping a supertanker which is fully loaded and travels at a normal speed needs 20 minutes to stop completely.
  25.  And last but not least….The average person laughs 15 times per day.

That’s all folks!  Have a relaxing Sunday.


  1. Tammy says:

    And you still find time to write your blog! Amazing! Thankyou… :O) x

    • tmarturano says:

      Well, Tammy, I kind of figured that if you can find time to be generous with your kind words then I can find time to keep writing for you and the other few thousands folk who also take time to stop by from week to week. 🙂

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