A week of premiers

Just under a week to go and, of course, sod’s law that on one of my busiest weeks, I decide to get a cold.

Although the show must go on, right? And that it will. 

Things kick off with a major business partner meeting tomorrow and then, later in the week, my first convention as new Managing Director. The event is hosted by a major supplier (one of the biggest software houses in the world) and will feature many of my peers (competitors) who will no doubt be checking out the new kid on the block who’ll most likely resemble a vampire movie extra with blood shot eyes from all the sneezing! Oh well.

Once that public challenge is over, attention will then turn to Casa Bella’s first Murder Mystery scheduled to take place next  Saturday.  Interestingly, out of the 10 guests, it appears that I’ll be the only one to have previously attended a murder mystery ( and no, not talking about one involving the Metropolitan Police). For anybody who has staged an event before, these can be quite challenging as they involve a series of  cue cards, some props, a meal, oh and a murder!

Of course, add to that a Casa Bella twist and you suddenly have a mini production on your hands. This particular one happens to be set to the backdrop of a movie preview screening which means the characters have  a lot of big egos and costumes! If anything, these, along with an array of wigs due to feature at the event, promise to deliver a lot of hilarity, and we’re all very much looking forward to it.

So, be sure to catch next Sunday’s blog post for the story and, of course, the pictures!

Stay well.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Aaw…Good luck at the Convention, get well soon, & see you Saturday x

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