When I decided to feature this subject in my manuscript, Coming Up for Air, I had no idea just how popular the subject matter was. I actually believed, at the time, that narcissism was a relatively unknown illness.

However, since publishing this article on a Different Angle I’ve seen just how many people out there are regularly searching the web for more information on this subject and just how many (and we’re talking thousands) of you have read my article.

Whilst narcissism features quite a lot in COMING UP FOR AIR, I can reassure all of those people whom this illness affects that I’ll be giving this subject matter more focus.

You can read the original article in full by clicking the image above.

Until then, I’m reposting the article for those who haven’t had the chance to read it yet but I’m also including a link to one of the readers who took the trouble to write to me and who was brave enough to share her particular story with the rest of the world.

If you’re interested in reading Iona’s story, follow this link http://jottify.com/works/away-from-the-hobbit/

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  1. francesca pratt says:

    I remember reading this first time around well researched and most interesting .

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