Casa Bella announces murderous dinner party experience

It’s Friday!

The end of another week and one step closer to Christmas!  Love it or loath it, the season to be jolly is just around the corner.

You may have noticed that I’ve been fairly quiet over the past week, that’s because I’ve been busy wrestling with a lovely bout of shingles! That’s right, I was lucky enough to discover the red rash last week, and have been enjoying what feels like the equivalent of somebody branding me with cigarettes ever since.

Luckily, things seem to be getting back to normal now which means I’m able to focus on other much more exciting things like Casa Bella’s next event!

Now, I know that my previous posts talked about a potential charity event.  Well, we (my sister and I) have been thinking about this and have come up with an aswesome and somewhat unique theme, especially for this area. However, the jury is still out about  what time of year it should be hosted.

Sadly,  the collaboration I’d previously announced on this blog hasn’t quite worked out either, which means we’re no longer on a deadline. The net result; we’re still thinking of staging a charity event but it won’t be the next one.

Casa Bella’s Halloween was a great success, and it has inspired a dinner party experience that we believe is way overdue and much more in keeping with the dark month of February.

That’s right, Casa Bella’s next event will take place on the anniversary of this year’s Masquerade… yes, well we couldn’t let those  Venetians have all the fun. We like to think that whilst they’re busy partying it up in beautiful Venice, we’re busy generating our own tantalising intrigue with a sumptuous menu featuring an array of beverages, along with a good slice of….dmm…dmmm dmm (that’s supposed to be dramatic music) murder!

That’s right…. Casa Bella’s next event will be a Murder Mystery currently pencilled for Saturday 25th February 2012 and will follow in the hugely atmospheric footsteps of  Casa Bella’s Halloween (if you weren’t lucky enough  to attend, read about it here)

Exclusive invites to Casa Bella’s Murder Mystery will be  emailed to lucky in boxes over the weekend. If  you aren’t lucky enough to receive an invite but would like to find out what all the Casa Bella fuss is about, we may have a treat for you. To be considered for an exclusive invite, visit Casa Bella’s Facebook page and LIKE it to become a fan.  You’ll then be added to our waiting/standby list which means that if a space becomes available, you could be joining us for a dinner party experience like no other.

Just beware, ‘everybody has a motive and everyone has a plan’.


  1. Tammy says:

    Wicked! :O) x

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