Casa Bella Halloween’s Video published!

Naturally, only a few of you could attend Casa Bella’s Halloween but that doesn’t mean that many of you can’t see excerpts from the video, featuring some of the actual sound effects and music from the evening.

Also, check out the spooky image! Whilst editing the video, I noticed the shadow standing behind me! What’s up with that?



  1. Tammy says:

    Wow – How cool is that!…Will give viewers just a tiny taste of what we experienced. Well done love xxx

  2. Absolutely BRILLIANTLY DONE the shadows on the wall the lighting the Lanterns ,music ,sounds ,even the blurry shots adds to the feel of the Night.
    outstanding Costumes so very Theatrical,the Ghouls wanted to linger in each room you could tell in the walk from the Lord of Darkness Ante Chamber to The Main Room( The Gothic Haunted Mansion) they wanted to touch the Objects and Artifacts Enroute .you should be in stage design .even the video sits well in The Magazine design Interface .
    Greay Work

  3. Jim Mennie says:

    Totally amazing !

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