Books for Casa Bella Halloween’s BEST GHOST STORY winner

Guests of Casa Bella’s Halloween were asked to bring with them a ghost story.

Out of all of the stories told on the evening of the 29th October 2011, Selina Daley’s  ‘Baby Monitor’ managed to elicit the most goosebumps! Selina wins a £20 of  Amazon voucher which she plans to spend on books for her studies.

In the meantime, you can read Selina’s story below.  Happy Halloween!

This very story that you are about to read is very true and is up to the reader whether they shall believe.

On a very normal evening three women were watching very normal TV, myself, my sister and my mother. My elder sister was staying with us at the time with her two year old daughter, who was fast asleep upstairs in her cot. We sat with the baby monitor on until the room went very chilly and cold so suddenly. I felt uncomfortable and so made my leave to my room. My sister switched off the monitor and she too, quickly followed by mother went up to bed.

Laying in bed I suddenly heard the shrill cry of a new born baby on the monitor. My head quickly tried to rationalise this noise… It’s my niece; it’s the television I said. But none of those accounted for the clear sound of crying coming from down stairs. I was rooted to my bed, my fingertips ached with coldness and though I knew I needed to investigate I could not move. Then suddenly my sister burst into my room, she too could hear the cries. So we stood on the landing the three of us, listening to the ever urgent cries. My mother point blank refused to come with us, so my sister leads the way downstairs. Halfway down I suddenly heard the soft voice of a woman on the monitor. ‘Ssh baby, don’t cry, it’s all ok mummy’s here’ my heart quickened as I realised it was the voice of my sister; I went ice cold all over. As we got to the living room everything went silent. The monitor was switched off. My sister turned to me aghast, ‘oh god I swear I heard my own self’. We never spoke of it again.

It was two years later that I realised the significance of that night when I was sat downstairs on a very normal night. My sister had unexpectedly fallen pregnant again. Upstairs was her four year old and the newborn whom I heard cry on the baby monitor, my sister went upstairs and then I heard her softly saying ‘ssh baby, don’t cry, it’s all ok mummy’s here’.  SELINA DALEY 


  1. Tammy says:

    Ooooh…Gave me chills again. Well done Selina – you told it so well too. xxx

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