Casa Bella to open its doors to public!

There's someone in my house

It’s the week leading up to Casa Bella’s Halloween and, in my usual inimitable way, I’m stressing that not all of my ducks are standing to attention, indeed some of the ducks haven’t even been hatched yet, and, a week today, we’re supposed to  be in the throws of terrorising  guests, or being terrorised!   So, there’s much to do, including unfinished costumes for disorganised friends!  Next week is going to be a very busy indeed with last minute shopping and make up, lots of make up!  Yeah, well I had to satisfy that secret fetish some way, don’t I?
There have been some spooky goings on at Casa Bella this week with collapsing props, the shattering of one of my favourite (and expensive) candelabras and things mysteriously movingaround the room. We’re certainly getting into the ‘spirit’ of things!   It’s all part of the process I guess, that or we actually have an uninvited guest!

On the upside, today three people (who will not be attending the event next week), had a special privileged preview of the refurbishments, they appeared quite impressed, and  that was during the light of day… so my fingers are well and truly crossed that my vision will be realised at night.  Be sure to stop by next Sunday for pictures!

So who were these people blessed with rare and exclusive access to Casa Bella pre event? Well, one of them was my cherished electrician who was kind enough to give up his Saturday morning to carry out some last minute light installations in our events room, and the other couple? Well, they say that people ‘crash’ into  our lives for a reason. I’m a strong believer of this and that’s why, despite the somewhat hectic schedule,  I cleared my afternoon, to make a new friend, well, two new friends; two complete strangers walked into my home and into my life,  and I’m delighted to report that it was a charming experience.

Okay, so they didn’t come in off the street, I’d actually been corresponding with one of them for quite some time now. He is a journalist (even if I can’t help but think that he doesn’t truly believe that himself, at least , not yet) and she is, wait for it, a Midwife!  That’s right, a midwife. And you would be forgiven for picturing  an ‘old bird’, sporting a somewhat matronly demeanour  and perhaps a few  badly worn years, the reality is quite the opposite; a girl barely in her twenties who wouldn’t be too out of place on the cover of Maxim.  Indeed, this engaging and unassuming duo, destined for marriage next year,  make for a very handsome couple indeed.

So what is about this couple that had me  compelled  to meet with them in the midst of falling fabrics, misbehaving sellotape and disappearing lanterns?  Well, Andrew R  Hubbard has long been a contributor on Facebook’s St Neots page, and whilst we’ve corresponded by email, we’d never actually met, until today.

The reason for our meeting is Andrew’s pledge to run the Virgin London Marathon in April 2012.   Andrew’s a ‘sporty’ guy but the motivation behind this latest initiative wasn’t just to work up a sweat but to work up some money for Alzheimer’s Resarch UK ( Andrew has first-hand  experience of the harrowing effects of this disease through his namesake, Roy, his Grandfather; a man full of life (and jokes) whom Andrew witnessed become an alien of his former self.  “The money I work hard to raise can’t help Granddad but it can stop people who have his condition suffering and help the families of those with dementia too.”

And it  was  Andrew’s   enthusiasm  for this cause that  drove me to want to meet the twenty-something year old to see  how I could help.

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I’m not ‘into’ charities. Yes, I said that out loud. I’m a true believer of that old addage that ‘charity starts at home’ and by that I’m also including friends who are often ‘in need’ in one way or another. These ’causes’  mean the most to me, right now….or so I thought.

It would be fair to say that, over the past year, we’ve created somewhat of brand name for Casa Bella’s themed dinner party experiences, this is evidenced by the fact that we generally have  to work to a waiting list.  So why not use one of Casa Bella’s events to help raise funds for Andrew’s charity? This was the topic of our meeting after which we  naturally concluded  that it would indeed be an active way of making a contribution through  something that we now have quite a bit of experience with.

Traditionally, Casa Bella events have only been open to close friends and strictly by invitation only so if you’ve read about our dinner party experiences and wanted to attend now’s your chance. That’s right, we’re throwing open  Casa Bella’s doors and will be selling seats to our next exclusive dinner party experience in 2012. All net proceeds will go to Andrew’s charity and towards smashing his £2,000 target.

More details about Casa Bella’s dinner party experience to rival all others will be published here in due course. In the meantime, you can still contribute to Alzheimer’s Research UK’s crucial research by donating on Andrew’s fund raising page by clicking here. Remember, every little really does help, yes  even £1!  And, if like me, you’re not into the whole ‘charity thing’ then be sure to check out future posts for details of how to snap up a place at our next event for a dinner party experience like no other.

Our next meeting about this will take place in a few weeks time. Until then,  Casa Bella’s Halloween will be the only thing on my mind for the next 6 days, besides sleeping of course because, in the now immortal words of Faithless, “I can’t get no sleep”. I wonder why!


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