Blog post about controversial relationship manuscript sees web traffic soar!

“If you’ve  loved, been loved, have hurt or been hurt , lost or thrown away somebody special, then this book is not only for you but it is about you.”

Wow, my Sunday blog posts have always proved  popular with readers (must be all that spare time) but none as much as yesterday’s article about my soon to be revived manuscript about relationships, COMING UP FOR AIR. You can read the original post by clicking here.

Visits to  yesterday topped 14,000, that’s an impressive increase of 1,000+  on the back of the post about the controversial manuscript that’s due to get a dust off next year and redrafted for before being considered for publication.

Some of you have emailed me directly offering your stories as additional material for next year’s redraft.  Thanks very much, I’ll be sure to keep some of these in mind if more material is required but, as you’ll read,  many relationships follow the same format/formula and are not so dissimilar to each other. The only thing that’s different are the people involved and, obviously, what they choose to do about it.

Which means that I’m really only looking for truly extraordinary subjects now if I’m to make any additions. Especially since most of the chapters have already been mapped out. Of course, that could change for the truly unusual. 🙂

Stay tuned for potential extracts next year!

In the meantime, thanks very much for visiting and for interacting with posts to Facebook. Please be sure to share the articles and posts with your friends!

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