And the winner of a FREE photo session is……….

So, here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Last month I declared war on ‘rip off photographers’ (see the original post here) when a friend of mine brought to my attention just how much she was being charged for her daughter’s wedding pictures, and I set up a web page on Facebook called A DIFFERENT ANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY, I then invited you to become a fan of the page and, to celebrate the launch, I decided to give away a free photo session to one of the page’s  fans worth an approximate £700!  ( I must  be feeling very generous because I’ve been approached about donating a similar experience to charity).

Well, this weekend, I took those names and spun them through a washing machine (okay, not literally) and am really excited to be able to reveal that the winner is  MATT AINSLIE!  
…who just happens to be a friend of mine (yes, I know what you’re thinking and I know what he’s probably thinking) but he did ultimately enter the competition and his did by randomness get selected, that’s fair isn’t it? You don’t think I fixed it do you?

Of course you do!

So, what other option did I have but to conduct a second draw….. YES, you read correctly, I couldn’t possibly have you avid readers believing that I wasn’t fair.  So, there’s not one but TWO lucky winners of the FREE photo session…. and that second person is (DRUM ROLL)….


Well done, Kylee!
Now, there are few formalities that we’ll need to get out of the way, you know, the small print and all. So if the lucky winners could please send an email (within the next 30 days), we’ll get the ball rolling by exchanging the small print and eventually arranging a mutually convenient date for the shoot which you’ll be pleased to learn will take place right here, at  my own  Casa Bella personal studio.

As per all my photo sessions, I recommend that we meet at Casa Bella well in advance of the shoot to discuss exactly what kind of shoot we’re going to do, and what exactly will happen on the day.


Well done to the winners and thanks to everybody else who participated but, as you know, there can only be one winner, (or in this case two!) and who said I wasn’t a generous person!

Remember, a DIFFERENT ANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY is facing up to ‘rip off’ photographers so if you have any event or would simply like some pictures of you and or yours then get in touch. Also, be sure to recommend our page (if you’re already a fan) or to LIKE out page on Facebook (button at the top right hand corner)  as there’s a distinct possibility that we’ll be holding a similiar competition again and, who knows, next time, ‘it could be you’! 😉

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