HOIME stands for what?! The word is finally out

Okay,  so today I’ve finally put our distinguished guests out of their misery and explained what the acronym HOIME actually means (for those anti sleuths who haven’t already worked it out). HERE’S ONE I PREPARED EARLIER.

The concept behind our latest black and white tie dinner party is an award ceremony for best gift  but with a twist; it has to be one that our guests prepared earlier with their own loving hands.

No doubt this latest news is  going to receive a mixed reaction and one of them is most likely going to be panic!  I remember the furore surrounding the talent we asked our guests to bring to our Masquerade which most took to like pros (yes, you know who you are).  I had to literally use a hook to pull them off the stage since there was no stopping some once they got started. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little)

Most importantly, the HOIME Awards is going to be Casa Bella’s first summer event and it’s therefore an extra special occasion. It means we’ll be able to spill out into the garden. The ‘Oscars Style’ theme means a lot of sparkle and glamour which is a good excuse to don our best evening wear and get a sense of what it’s like to be a celebrity for the evening.  Yes, we’re also going to arrange for a lot of backstage politics just to try and keep it as authentic as possible. Francesca and I quite adept at that. 😉  (I’m joking of course, sis).

The Awards Categories haven’t yet been announced but they’ll feature ‘Most Appropriate’  and ‘Most Creative’  categories, to name a few. The rest of the categories will be posted here a soon as they become available (or we’ve dreamed them up)!

Can’t wait!  Now that the guest list is closed we can really start focussing on the preparations. It’s going to be a very exciting evening and guess what you lucky readers?  You can read all about it right here.

What do you think?

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