Casa Bella to host glitzy HOIME Awards (Here we go again!)

Yes, well it was always going to be a short matter of time before Francesca and I forget our heated exchanges and remember instead only the warm
and fuzzy feeling that hosting dinner parties instills in us.

It’s still early days. The guest list is still open as we’re still waiting for some of our friends to return from their Easter holidays.

The evening promises a lot of excitement as the black and white tie event will be Casa Bella’s first of the summer and will take place to a glitzy backdrop, Oscars Style. The questions have already been rolling in: “What are the HOIME Awards and how do I get nominated?” Well, that remains a closely guarded secret until the guest list is closed. I’m hoping this will happen next week.

I have to confess that this is my least favourite part of the process; when the guest list is open. Everything is in limbo until all of the guests have confirmed and the planning can commence. There’s also a natural limit of seats available which means we have to be selective in our invites and these have to be timed; if a guest doesn’t reply within a certain period of time, their seat is automatically assigned to the next person in the queue. Yep, I know it sounds  draconian but it’s, sadly, a necessary evil (hence why it’s my least favourite part).

On the other hand I’m really looking forward to closing the list next week and starting the planning. It’s going to be an ‘awesome’ evening! I just wish we could invite everybody. Sadly, we can’t.

Oh well, there’s still the blog or, maybe, next time (as they say) “it could be you!” 😉

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