Casa Bella’s Venetian carnival is announced

You asked and we’ve listened.

After a very short deliberation, we’ve now settled on the next Casa Bella event, only this time we’ve decided to go for something even

more opulent and somewhat refined; a Masquerade Party set in the 18th century!  How about that for a challenge?

Well, they don’t happen every day and it’s something that Francesca is really into. We figured that February tends to be  a fairly miserable month so what a better time to bring some of the colour, glamour and eccentricity of a Venetian Carnival to Casa Bella? It’s going to be a challenge both from a decorative and wardrobe perspective but, hey, life would be boring without a challenge, right?

The invitations have been emailed and, as always, we’re going to feature a Casa Bella twist just to ensure that our guests don’t get too complacent. Let’s just say that they may have to sing for their supper.

It’s going to be fun!

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