Casa Bella’s first dinner party is a success!

And so here it is… after months of toiling to refurbish the place and planning to theme the  evening, Casa Bella opened its doors for the first time to its guests and I’m thrilled to report that it was a success!

‘A day that will forever live in….. our memory’!

As expected, there was a lot of pressure leading up to the evening but it was controlled and expected. Francesca and I both had very clear expectations of our respective departments; front of house and in the kitchen.   (I don’t know how many times I ironed that table cloth and positioned the dinnerware just so) but  it was worth it.  Our guests appeared to really enjoy the evening (if the wow factor was anything to go by). It appears that we achieved everything we set out to achieve and more.

The best thing is that all of the earlier trepidation about the famous 3 things were also cast aside, everybody entered into the spirit of the event and we learned some very interesting things about our guests.  Thanks everybody for such a great evening!  Francesca and I are completely knackered now but it was a delight to have you all. 

Questions about whether or not this will be a regular event have already been posed but, presently, we’re still riding high from this one.  We’ve not only learned much about our dear friends this evening but we’ve learned more about ourselves; this is something we enjoy and believe we can do well.  Most importantly,  it reaffirmed my belief that closing the village store and reclaiming the space for ourselves was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Goodbye old village store. Hello Casa Bella!

What do you think?

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