Casa Bella dinner party is the talk of the the town!

For us,  we were just organising a dinner party to celebrate the opening of our new dining room. Little did we know that the day after our first event, we’d be the talk of the town.

Yes, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and social websites, such as Facebook, and the ability to post articles and pictures direct from your phone we’re now the talk of the town. Pictures of last night’s events have been making the rounds and we’ve been receiving messages from friends of friends of friends congratulating us on what looked like a spectacular evening.

Many have been dropping hints about getting an invite to the next event. However, as large as the space may be  there remains a limitation as to how many guests we can actually seat. Although, I will let you into a little secret; in light of the humbling enthusiasm of many, Francesca and I have been discussing the possibility of another event.  Details are still sketchy at the moment but I’ll be sure to post more information as and when I have it.

The biggest dilemma is not what kind of theme or when but more on how many we’ll be able to fit onto the guest list!

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