It’s a sad sad day

Well today has to be one of the saddest days I have experienced in a long time (I won’t say of my life because that’s quite simply over dramatic). My cars; before and after!

I’ve parted from my beloved VW Touareg. Yes, the tears are flowing as I type this (okay, maybe not) but it is really sad.  I’ve had the Touareg for over 3 years, the longest I’ve kept ANY car ( I normally change them just before their MOT becomes due, it’s my landmark).

But the dealership made me an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. Apparently, there’s now a huge demand for SECOND HAND 4x4s which is interesting because, this time last year, you couldn’t give a 4×4  away!

I’ve now downsized to my friend’s leased VW Golf. Yep, ‘buddy, I’ve shrunk your car’ along with all of its gadgets! 🙁  but there you go. Meanwhile, he’s climbed into a brand new Golf GTI (yes, he’s into those) and he loves it. And yes, I’m trying hard not be resentful!

No, it’s all for the greater good, of my wallet that it not the environment. Yes, I’d love to take the moralistic high ground here but sadly I am unable to do so.  I’ve now taken a new car vow of celibacy in anticipation that  the young lad I have my eye on comes of age.

Yes, I’ve been stalking this little boy (okay, maybe I should quit the innuendo I’m disturbing myself now).  I’ve been following the progress of this concept car from the original drawings. It’s due out next year and I can’t wait!  I’m figuring I can survive in a manual golf until then, can’t I?

Sorry? What’s the name of the car. Well, it’s the LAND ROVER LRX of course.

What? You’ve never heard of it? You will.   Here’s one I designed earlier. 😉

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