Casa Bella’s Devil’s Dinner Party 2; the gifts and the curses

Casa Bella’s Devil’s Dinner Party 2; the gifts and the curses

So, here I am, a couple of days after the night before and what a night! I think I can safely say that Casa Bella’s Devil’s Dinner Party 2 turned out to be one of the ‘wildest’ dinner parties yet! I dare say that much of that was not helped by the introduction of a relatively new […]

A week of premiers

Just under a week to go and, of course, sod’s law that on one of my busiest weeks, I decide to get a cold. Although the show must go on, right? And that it will.  Things kick off with a major business partner meeting tomorrow and then, later in the week, my first convention as […]

The magical 3 things

I’m smiling to myself today because I’ve just sent an email to our guests and it’s already causing a stir! It was nothing too complicated (at least I don’t think so)  it was merely a request to bring 3 things. That is, 3 stories about of them; 2 being truthful and the other being a […]

Casa Bella is open for business!

Finally, It’s taken a few months, a lot of hard work and a few pennies but, finally, Casa Bella is open for business. Figuratively speaking, of course. Since the last thing we’d want to do is run another business from this location. The furniture has arrived and is in place, the sign is up and gone is […]


Wow, it’s been a back breaking day. Tom and I have been working hard to finish laying the floor. You know, when the workers originally came to me and said, “this is a really big space,” I used to see it as a compliment. However, I’ve discovered throughout this process that big isn’t necessarily beautiful as it […]

Frankenstein is dead but some monsters live on

The monster is dead.  Today, the plasterer and his sidekick finalised the plastering. Gone are the ugly wall sutures and in their place is a wall as smooth as a baby’s backside! I’m really pleased. Another good job. Although it couldn’t have  happened a second too soon since I’ve already ordered table and chairs for […]

Frankenstein is born

Okay, so the walls are in a worse state than I’d originally thought; huge  cavities have appeared from  behind the shelving and many places that didn’t seem as bad are actually vomiting chunks of plaster on contact.  The whole room needs re-plastering, and it’s a big room!   So,  I decided to sit down and map […]