Funny Sunday; no parking (some angry) signs!

WARNING* Some of these residents are very angry and therefore prone to the odd swear word. Caution advised. ūüôā

My hands on the NEW Range Rover Evoque but my lips are sealed

Finally, after years of waiting, hours blogging and multiple product meetings with Range Rover executives, ¬†on the 11th day of the six month of the year two thousand eleven, I actually sat behind the wheel and started up the engine of a brand ¬†NEW red Range Rover Evoque Dynamic, not due in¬†showrooms until August 2011, […]

This week’s task; ‘build your ideal Range Rover Evoque’

Well, it’s just under 7 days before my visit to Range Rover HQ. Today, I received details of my pre assignment; build my ideal Range Rover Evoque and email the results to Range Rover before my visit next week. ¬†Intriguing? that’s an under statement!¬† Either way, as instructed, I’ve just been online and built my […]

Range Rover’s secret shopper has been appointed!

So how many times in life have you become involved in something and believed it’d come to nothing? I bet there are many times, right? Well, I didn’t feel that way when I was invited to become a Range Rover Community member, and my instinct was right! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been regularly […]

Exclusive invite to the Range Rover Community

Exclusive invite to the Range Rover Community

It’s been a few months now since I traded in my beloved Touareg ¬†in exchange for a leased Golf and, yes, I’ve got used to it. ¬†Is it bad? Yes it is! ¬†Okay, maybe ¬†not as bad as I thought it would be but I do miss an automatic car (petrol heads will disagree I’m […]

It’s a sad sad day

Well today has to be one of the saddest days I have experienced in a long time (I won’t say of my life because that’s quite simply over dramatic).¬† I’ve parted from my beloved VW Touareg. Yes, the tears are flowing as I type this (okay, maybe not) but it is really sad. ¬†I’ve had […]