Tears, Tantrums & Trophies; Casa Bella’s HOIME Awards are a revelation

Okay, so maybe there weren’t  any tantrums, not unless you count the incident where it was 19:29 (with official start at 19:30 and some guests already waiting) and I discovered that the gate through which they were supposed to enter to walk  the red carpet was SCREWED shut and not ‘cable tied’ as I had believed! […]

Less than 9 days until Casa Bella’s HOIME awards. The heat is on!

Ready or not, the countdown to Casa Bella’s  2011  HOIME Awards  continues and if I still had my lovely locks of black hair,  I’d surely be starting the plucking process by now! Okay maybe not but Casa Bella’s HOIME Awards ‘a la Oscars’ has got to be right up there with one of  the most glamorous, if not […]