Casa Bella’s Charity event announcement tops 1000 hits in first hour!

Wow, read all about it! Read all about it! Within its first hour of publication, a staggering 1,006 of you read  this morning’s Sunday blog post about Casa Bella’s charity event due to take place in 2012!  That’s a approximately 16  hits a minute! Thanks!  Read what all the fuss is about by clicking here and […]

Casa Bella to open its doors to public!

It’s the week leading up to Casa Bella’s Halloween and, in my usual inimitable way, I’m stressing that not all of my ducks are standing to attention, indeed some of the ducks haven’t even been hatched yet, and, a week today, we’re supposed to  be in the throws of terrorising  guests, or being terrorised!   So, there’s […]