Why send a VIDEO selfie?

A video selfie is the modern-day equivalent of a polaroid.

It will show us your modelling potential, including your physical fitness, without any makeup or filters.

A video selfie gives us a truer picture of your potential since, unlike a still image, it doesn’t rely on perfect lighting the moment the image was captured.

Shoot your video selfie like this!

Here’s an example video of how you should record your selfie.
Please be sure to pan the camera slowly and all over your body as this will help us establish if you have any visible tattoos or markings that we should be aware of before a potential test shoot. 

Please DO NOT shoot your video in a mirror as this puts distance between you and the lens. 

Shoot your video selfie as shown above to include the following...


Natural (next to a window) or overhead (in bathroom) is fine.  Don’t add too much light.


Stand straight and pan the camera all over your body.  Start from your hair and work your way down. 


Feel free to smile and or frown and or be serious as you record your video.   

In your underwear

Shoot your video in your underwear so we can clearly see your thigh and leg definition. 


Upload your video to our online folder by clicking the blue button below (opens in new window) or send it to Tony directly via WhatsApp at + 44 7826 515 172