So you want to be a stock photography model?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Tony Marturano is a major contributor to most stock photography websites.  And while Tony likes to forge working partnerships with his models ( he regularly works with the same models), he is forever looking for the next new face to photograph and introduce to the world.

Will you be his next new face? Find out below.

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is a collection of high-resolution images depicting all aspects of life, similar to the images below,  that are often licensed for specific usage. E.g. on websites, in magazines, book covers, billboards and so on.  

Seascapes & Landscapes

Business & Lifestyle



Why stock photography?


As flexible as your portfolio. Work as much or as little as your schedule will allow.  Accept assignments on weekdays, at weekends or both.


If you don’t have a portfolio or it is limited, stock photography is a great way of expanding your versatility and increasing your chances of being hired for other assignments.


Tony isn’t just a photographer.  He is also a mentor. If you are new to the business, expect honest, constructive feedback to help you be the best you can be.


Work by the hour, per day or, subject to your versatility, secure an exclusive agreement for multiple shoots in one campaign for maximum earning potential.


Pay is subject to experience, but you can expect to earn anywhere between £30 – £45 (50 EUROS) per hour.  However, offers are made on an individual basis and are plus travel allowance.


As a new-face mentor, one of the things Tony has been exposed to, over many years in photography, are scams for new faces – where would-be models are charged for their first photos. Rest assured, there ARE NO hidden charges or fees for test shoots under the terms listed below. That is to say that if you are selected for a test shoot, you will be entitled to all of the official photos from that shoot, FOR FREE.


Well, there are a few things that you need to consider and a few steps that you need to take before you’ll stand a chance of being hired. Don’t worry. Nothing too scary, but important nonetheless.

First things first, we’ll need some basic information from you, including details of any previous modelling experience.
Don’t worry if you don’t have any (Tony specialises in new-faces), just be sure to include this in your application.


Portfolios can easily go out of date. Your look, your physical fitness will often vary from week to week, month to month.  More than often what you are still showing in your portfolio is not an accurate representation of how you look right now. When you submit your application, be sure to include selfies of how you look right now (in this moment). DON’T ADD ANY FILTERS. Just find a nice bright space (e.g. next to a window).
Upload as many images as you like with your application, just MAKE SURE that they are images of how you look as you read this. 
If you have an online portfolio, Instagram page, be sure to include them in the application too.   


Do you have tattoos anywhere on your body? If the answer’s yes, be sure to select YES on your application in the appropriate section.

Tattoos are notoriously limiting with stock photography.  The reason for this is because stock photography sites will not accept an image that features a tattoo without a property release. That’s because you do not own the rights to the tattoo on your skin, but the original artist who put it there does. Without a release from him or her, any image featuring your likeness and the tattoo of another artist cannot be commercially sold. 

The easiest way to get around this is to source a property release from the original artist.
Are you able to do that? If not, don’t worry, there are ways of getting around this by shooting from certain angles or even covering the tattoo with makeup.  Either way, it’s best you bring this to Tony’s attention sooner rather than later. 

To discover more about the intricacies of working with stock photography, check out the blog post at the foot of this page.

One you submit your application; you will receive an email acknowledgement. If you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to check your SPAM/ JUNK folder and to add the sender to your SAFE list. From this point forward your application will be managed by our ‘onboarding’ system. This means that each time your application is updated, you will receive an email keeping you informed on progress. 

We’ll take a look at your application and selfies. If we think you’ll suit one of our campaigns, we’ll progress you to the next stage of selection. If you’re not what we’re looking for at this time, your application will be closed and you will be informed of our decision.  


If you pass all steps of the selection process, you will be invited to attend a test shoot. 

If you are NOT from the UK but are from another European country, you will not need to attend a test shoot due to the impracticalities of travelling to the studio.  This does mean that you will only be hired if there is a specific campaign that Tony believes will suit you as opposed to being tested and then added for potential assignments. 

The test shoot normally takes place in or near Tony’s studio in Cambridgeshire. It lasts approximately 3-4 hours.  The purpose of the shoot is to establish your versatility and to give you and Tony a chance to meet and see how well you work with each other.  Generally, provided you have signed a release, the photos shot during the test will be made available to you, FOR FREE, to use on social media, website and, of course, to expand your portfolio. You must provide credit to Tony at all times (e.g. watermark clearly visible or Tony’s official account tagged on social media).  This will be discussed further between you and Tony if and when you are in invited to the test shoot. 
However, please remember, this is a unique opportunity to have some great photos taken by an accomplished photographer. Please be sure to respect that.  For your information, Tony Marturano retains the rights to the photos at all times, you will be granted an exclusive licence to use the photos in accordance with the above.

Once the test shoot has been booked, Tony will be in regular contact with you to discuss the theme of the shoot along with details of how he would like you to look on the day. E.g. beard and hair length.  This is an important part of the process. Regular contact will not only ensure that you bring to and present yourself at the shoot with everything that Tony is expecting but it will serve to generate a rapport between you so as to alleviate any nervousness you may have on the day.

Present yourself to the test shoot location on time and with any clothes and grooming products that were asked of you.  Tony is a very busy person, the last thing you want to do is keep him waiting for a test shoot as it won’t inspire much confidence in your reliability going forward.

After the test shoot, Tony will know if you have what it takes to join the team of stock photography models and he will contact you to inform you of his decision. If your test was successful, he will also make you an offer for your first official paid shoot and discuss possible themes with you.

And that’s it!  From there on, you’ll be on your way to either generating a new regular revenue stream or career.  How far you succeed in this new venture is entirely down to your aptitude to stock photography. If you truly commit yourself to the craft, prove your versatility and reliability, you’ll most likely receive regular bookings, if not through Tony then through other casting professionals.  Providing, of course, that you follow Tony’s advice as and when it is given to you.

Good luck!


If, so, what are you waiting for? 

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From the Portfolio


You can view Tony’s work on stock photography sites around the world. A few are included below. Click on the logos to see more. Alternatively, click or tap the button to view more on tony’s own commercial website. 

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