Self Publishing Advice for New Authors

So, you’re a new author, you’ve written your masterpiece, now what? 

Self publishing sounds like a great idea but with so many confusing and costly elements to converting  your manuscript
from a Word document to a product that people will actually want to buy.    Where do you start?

Start with some good advice.

When Tony Marturano first considered self publishing it was at a  time when the practice was still frowned upon as it was considered cheating. It was as if any book not published from a mainstream publisher wasn’t worthy.

And yet, fast forward a few years and self publishing is something that is actively encouraged by the likes of publishing platform and retail giant, Amazon.

These days anybody can write a book and get it published…but, make no mistake, while the process may seem relatively simple, it’s far from it and get the process wrong, miss that one opportunity to make an impression on potential buyers and all of the hard work that you put into writing your masterpiece won’t fit for many beyond your friends and family.

And that’s because the two