‘Thought provoking’ blog post about Christmas is most read and shared by YOU!

‘Witty’,  ‘ Earthy’,  ‘Real’ and ‘Thought Provoking’.

Just some of the words used to describe yesterday’s  article about  the highs and lows of Christmas  and the New Year. The post that narrates the build up to Christmas and beyond  is the most read and shared article on  the a Different Angle Blog with a staggering  1,103 hits  and over  a hundred shares in its first hour of publication.

Now what can I say to that but THANKS!

I enjoy reading and therefore always try to write articles that are a reflection of everyday life and it appears  that this one about the good, the bad and the ugly of the festive season has struck a chord with many of you.

You’ve also been kind enough to message  me with comments about the article  which you’ve described as ‘witty’, ‘earthy’, ‘real’ and ‘thought provoking’.  Thank you so much…I really do like to hear from you and would love it even more if you’d be kind enough to rate the articles on the blog and also leave your comments there for others to see. If you’re worried about leaving your name, simply leave your initials.

Thanks again, it’s your support that inspires me to write bigger and better articles.

And for those who missed yesterday’s post, you can read it here. And by all means, feel free to share the link to it some more. I promise, I don’t mind. 😉


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